Five Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues: Winter-Proof Your Routine

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winter blues

Let’s face it, Winter has long-been the time of the year that we “allow” some extra leeway to ourselves in the health and wellness department. Temperatures get cooler, clothes get baggier, comfort food makes its way back into your friend circle, sleep sounds better and better each day, and motivation is as limited as the daylight. But what if I … Read More

Travel Tips: Five Simple Ways to Stay On Track While Traveling

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fort lauderdale, florida

For anyone on a fitness journey, consciously making an effort to eat cleaner and maintain a regular exercise regimen, it can be a bit daunting to be thrown off your routine while traveling. The truth is, getting off track is nearly inevitable (at least if you want to enjoy your time – let’s be real). You’ll likely be eating out, … Read More